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Movimento Apostolico
Speech of greetings to monsignor Alpohonse Taty-Mboumba Generale Secretary CEC
Movimento Apostolico

Speech of greetings
to monsignor Alpohonse Taty-Mboumba
Generale Secretary of the Episcopal Conference
of Congo-Brazzavilleto the delivery of the declaration of recognition 

Catanzaro, 17.05.2007


I am really glad to manifest to you all our joy and our gratitude for your visit. I know I am expressing, at the same time, the sentiments of the Inspirer, the assistant priests, the responsible persons and all the Apostolic Movement. Our filial expressions of obsequiousness are addressed also to His Excellence Monsignor Portella-Mbuyu, Archbishop President of the Episcopal Conference of the Congo Republic, that You represent. We thank him warmly, because we know he wished he could have personally been with us tonight. We all together pray so that his delicate mission may obtain the fruit of a lasting peace in every corner of your Country.

Tonight You wanted to consign us, in the name of H.E. monsignor Portella-Mbuyu, the decree with which the Congo Republic Episcopal Conference encourages the approval and the diffusion of the Apostolic Movement in all the dioceses of your Country. We are really honoured about your act so rich with ecclesial value. With your presence, you are witnessing that the Congo Bishops appreciate and promote the spirituality and ends of the Apostolic Movement, based “on the Word of God, the evangelisation, the catechesis and the apostolic animation of the parishes”. We are grateful to you, monsignor, and, together with H.E. Monsignor Portella Mbuyu, we thank also H.E. Monsignor Mizonzo, the Nkaji Bishop, that has already signed his diocesan decree of recognition of the statute of the Movement; and all the Bishops of Your Episcopal Conference.

This way, they recognise the Apostolic Movement in its identity and its mission, which is the memory of the Word of God, according to the charisma that the Lord gave to the Inspirer Maria Marino. We notice in their care for the evangelisation the echo of what His Holiness John Paul II had told you, with faith and emotion, in the course of his memorable visit in the Brazzaville Cathedral, 27 years ago: “Christ has many friends in Africa” – he had underlined – and you are the friends of Christ: “You live those very deep words that the Scripture places in Peter’s mouth: I have neither silver nor gold, but what I do have I give you: in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazorean, (rise and) walk”.

We offer to collaborate with our charisma to the endeavours of all the Church in Congo, committed to give the treasure of the Good News. We are encouraged with the enthusiasm that was manifested us by you and by many Congolese brothers, priests and lay persons of ours. With the collaboration of father Franco Bruno and of other members of the Apostolic Movement, I am sure that you will make the mission that was entrusted us by the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Redemption Mother, shine in your Country.

It is exactly to the Virgin Mary that we will always turn our prayer for you, monsignor, for your Church, for your beloved Country. May she every day bless your mission as an apostle; may she bless your word of truth and peace, your heart of father, your steps, your sacrifices, your joys and your sufferings.

We are near you, in communion with you in Christ Jesus, in order to go, save, convert…

Thank, Monsignor.

Cettina Marraffa
President of the Apostolic Movement