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Movimento Apostolico
Diocese of Douala-Cameroun
Movimento Apostolico

    9, Boulevard de la Libertè
          B.P. 179 DOUALA

Prot. 25/CH/2007/SN                                                                 Douala, 15 march 2007


To: Mrs. Cettina Marraffa
President of the Apostolic Movement
Archdiocese of Catanzaro - Squillace



Object: Diocesan Acknowledgement

          With the present we acknowledge receipt of application for admission of the Apostolic Movement, in the Archdiocese of Douala, in the capacity of Ecclesial Movement as Faithful Lay Persons.

            In fact, since September 2006, the Apostolic Movement of Catanzaro has been presented to us by Mr. Etienne DAFOGO through his wife, the Coordinator of our Diocesan Caritas, Mrs. Dafogo Maureen Dione.

            October 2006, the meeting which took place in Rome with Father Francesco Antonio Bruno, facilitated by Mr. Dafogo Etienne, introduced us even more into the knowledge of the Apostolic Movement.

               Since then the exchanges between our Diocesan Caritas and the Apostolic Movement have been productive. From the acceptance of medicines to the presentation of the drinking water project, there have been fruits of a fraternal communion.

               Given the decree of definitive acknowledgement and the approval of the Statute of the Apostolic Movement respectively on the part of H. Excellency Monsignor Antonio Cantisani, Metropolitan Archbishop of Catanzaro – Squillace and of the Calabrian Episcopal Conference;

                in consideration of the Pastoral Activity carried out in various Italian dioceses;

and at the request of Mrs. Cettina Marraffa, President of the Apostolic Movement, who turned our attention in February 2007;

               We acknowledge among the Apostolate Movements for Lay Believers in the Douala Diocese, the Apostolic Movement.

               We encourage and our councils will accompany the Maureen and Etienne Dafogo couple in working increasingly more for the Apostolic Movement to take root in Douala and in other Cameroon dioceses

               With our Blessing.