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Movimento Apostolico
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Movimento Apostolico











          The Cameroon bishops, assembled at Yaoundé from 15 to 21 April 2007 on the occasion of their 32nd Plenary Assembly; have welcomed and appreciated the joint request, for the official approval of the Apostolic Movement; of his Eminence the Cardinal Christian TUMI, the Douala Archbishop; and of Mrs. Cettina Marraffa, President of the Apostolic Movement.


The Apostolic Movement (ecclesial movement of lay believers) was founded in Catanzaro (Italy) 3 November 1979, through the initiative of Mrs. Maria Marino, its inspirer and founder.

In reason of the decree of the definitive acknowledgement and approval of the Apostolic Movement’s Statutes respectively by means of his Excellency Monsignor Antonio Cantisani, the Catanzaro-Squillace Metropolitan Archbishop and of the Calabrian Episcopal Conference,

In consideration of the pastoral activity carried out by the Apostolic Movement in multiple Italian dioceses and thanks to the support and the spiritual contribution of Father Francesco Bruno through whom the Apostolic Movement was made known in Cameroon,

The bishops have the joy of giving the official approval of the Apostolic Movement in Cameroon, in compliance with the canon 299.

Concretely, the Cameroon bishops acknowledge the Apostolic Movement as a movement of apostleship for lay believers of the Cameroon National Episcopal Conference (AGAL) for an Ad Experimentum three (3) year period.

We encourage and our councils will accompany the national responsible persons in the rooting work of the Apostolic Movement in all the Cameroon dioceses

With our blessing



Monsignor Victor TONYE BAKOT
President of the CENC