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Movimento Apostolico
The secular consecrations on 23 December 2007
Movimento Apostolico

















During a solemn Eucharistic celebration, in the "Mary, Mother of the Church" parish in S. Ianni (CZ), H.E. Msgr. Antonio Ciliberti, Metropolitan Archbishop of Catanzaro - Squillace, welcomed the temporary and perpetual profession of sixteen consecrated laywomen to "Mary, Mother of the Redemption." The temporary consecrated were Margherita Tiziana Angotti, Silvia Baccari, Anna Maria De Grado, Antonella Di Ludovico, Angela Malafarina,
Francesca Antonietta and Giuseppina Montesanti, Vincenza Maria Palombo, Michelina Rotundo, Marisa Rugeri and Maria Sergi. The consecrated perpetual were the very Inspirer and Founder of the Apostolic Movement, Mrs. Maria Marino, Graziella Marcellino, Francesca Mazza, Anna Consoli and Paola Scutifero. The celebration, which was attended by the Archbishops Antonio Cantisani and Msgr. Vincenzo Rimedio, the Vicar General Msgr. Raffaele Facciolo and many priests and faithful; was animated by the choir "Redemptoris Mater", directed by Father Biagio Maimone.

During the celebration you could breath an atmosphere of love and joy that recalls the words of St. Therese of Child Jesus on charity, able to spark off any kind of vocation. In fact, love embodies every call and on that day, it cheered the faces of the faithful gathered, but especially the faces of the consecrated lay persons, women in love with Christ that freely decided to give themselves to him, experiencing the unique presence of the Lord in every moment of their existence. To understand this love, we must look at Crucified Christ who, on the cross, has his arms outstretched, because he wishes he could welcome every man in this embrace, even if the nails prevent him from doing any physical movement. Every secular consecrated is this spiritual embrace, made possible by the grace of God to every man; an embrace that, however, does not exclude the body, offered as a pure sacrifice for the salvation of souls, especially of those most in need of God's mercy.

May the Mother of Redemption support every consecrated so that every one of them shows the splendour of the Gospel with a life immersed in Christ Jesus. As women in love with their divine spouse, they will cry out to the world all the beauty and the intense joy of this meeting.