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Movimento Apostolico
Mother of the Redemption (Mater Redemptionis)
Movimento Apostolico

                                              LITANIE LAURETANE
                                       Mother of the Redemption (Mater Redemptionis)






















This is a title that does not belong to the Lauretan Litanies. So far, the Virgin Mary has been invoked as Mother of the Redeemer, Mother of the Saviour, Mother of God, Mother of the Creator and Mother of Christ, but not as the Mother of the Redemption. Why then invoke her with this title? Are not the ones she has been invoked with so far enough? What does this title add more and special than the others do not have? Above all: who does this title come from and what is its true meaning and its real significance in Mariology and also in the soteriological theology?
This title does not come from men, even if in the past men used it to invoke the Virgin Mary. It comes to us directly from Heaven, from the Mother of God herself. That is how she presented herself to the Inspirer of the Apostolic Movement May 7, 1978: "I am the Mother of the Redemption, the world has forgotten the Word of My Son Jesus. Do you want to remind it?" If the Virgin Mary wants to be remembered with a new title, hitherto almost unknown or known only to a few experts of the science of theology concerning her, it is a sign that there is an aspect of the truth on the Mother of God which must necessarily be taken into account, developed, processed and presented to the believing mind so that it makes it his with all the consequences of scientific, moral, soteriological, ascetic and mystic order that the very title bears within itself.
Mother of the Redeemer and Mother of the Redemption are not two equal and interchangeable titles. They are different, specific, unique, each of which presents an equally specific, unique and special truth. Saying Mother of the Redeemer one wants to indicate that the Virgin Mary is the true Mother of Jesus Christ, who is the Redeemer of men. Saying instead that the Virgin Mary is the Mother of the Redemption he wants to indicate the particular, unique, singular and specific relationship that exists between her and every redeemed person in Christ Jesus. The difference is infinite, even if there is no redemption except through the merits of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice offered to the Father on the cross for our eternal redemption.
Why does the Virgin Mary want to be called with this title? Because the Lord established in the mystery of redemption a non marginal role. She is not the woman who has relationships only with Jesus Christ, in the sense that she is only the Mother of the Saviour, of the Redeemer, of God, of the One who has freed and redeemed us. This is a very high role, but with no relation to the redeemed and the saved. If it were only so, she would have with us reflected and not direct relationship.
Instead, in his eternal plan of love for us God established that the Virgin Mary were the true Mother of our redemption. He wanted that we, too, like Jesus Christ, were conceived and given to the light of real adopted sons of God, becoming true sons generated to the Redemption by the Virgin Mary. We are born as adopted children of the Father from the virginal womb of the Mother of His beloved Son. So that we are true children of the Father, through Mary, because we are her true sons. Nobody might ever become a true child of God if he is not born from her. Her womb is the womb of life for all the children that the Holy Spirit generates to the Father in the waters of Baptism.
This is the essential, not accidental, not marginal, not of reflection and not indirect relationship that we all enjoy with the Mother of God. It is for this true birth from her that she is truly our Mother. As the divine Person is the one that is born from Mary, and the Person is both God and man, true God and true man: and this birth makes of Mary, the Mother of the Lord; so it is always the mystical person that is born from her. In fact, the Person of Christ is not only true God and true man, he is also the true mystical body, the ecclesial body, the body of all the adopted children of the Father. One conception, one delivery, one birth, one life, one Mother, one Father, one Holy Spirit, one Christ, one offspring, a single fatherhood and one motherhood through the work of the Holy Spirit of God. It is an inexpressible, incomprehensible and ineffable mystery.
Virgin Mary, Mother of the Redemption, Angels and Saints, guide us in this mystery.

Theologian Monsignor Costantino Di Bruno