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Movimento Apostolico
The secular consecrations of January 6, 2011
Movimento Apostolico

















January 6, 2011, in the solemn Feast of the Epiphany, during a solemn Eucharistic celebration in the "Mary, Mother of the Church" parish, in S. Ianni (CZ), H.E. Msgr. Antonio Ciliberti, Metropolitan Archbishop of Catanzaro - Squillace, welcomed the temporary and perpetual profession of new consecrated lay women to the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Redemption. The perpetual consecrated women were Margaret Tiziana Angotti, Silvia Baccari, Anna Maria De Grado, Antonella Di Ludovico, Angela Malafarina, Francesca and Antonietta Giuseppina Montesanti, Vincenza Maria Palombo, Michelina Rotundo, Marisa Rugeri and Maria Sergi; while the consecrated with temporary vows are Maria Rosa were Brogna, Luigina Rubino, Monica Veneziani, Marianna and Rosetta Veraldi. During his homily, Msgr. Ciliberti, in greeting the Inspirer and Founder of the Apostolic Movement, Mrs. Maria Marino, the Central Ecclesiastical Assistant, Monsignor Di Bruno and all the people present; reiterated how every person, in the specificity of his vocation, is called to realize in history a singular mission that can never be realized by others.
Therefore, the one of January 6, 2011, was another essential step for the Public Association "Mary, Mother of the Redemption," an ecclesial reality in continuous growth, which aims to live the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in the concrete daily life, deepening the charisma of the Apostolic Movement: the announcement and the remembrance of God's Word, through their specific ministry. The date chosen for these new consecrations is very meaningful: it is on the day when the Church commemorates the manifestation of the almighty light of God in the child of Bethlehem, where both pastors, picture of the human condition, inherently poor and weak until it remains deprived of God; and the Magi, the mysterious wise men who, although not part of the Jewish people recognize Christ as the true God and true man; come there to worship him. Like the shepherds and like the Magi, the consecrated lay women are also called to the authentic worship in spirit and truth, of the face of Christ in every historical situation they may be in; they are called to take to the road, with the whole people of God, by becoming the living epiphany of the Virgin Mary on earth.
May the Mother of the Redemption put under her gentle mantle every consecrated secular woman so that she can become a visible sign of Christ's presence in the world and the 'comet' of the new evangelization.