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Movimento Apostolico
What is the Secular Institute
Movimento Apostolico

Secular Institutes, in accordance with canon law, are institutes of consecrated life "in which the Christian faithful living in the world strive for the perfection of charity and work for the sanctification of the world especially from within it" (can. 710).

Therefore, they presume a consecration to the Lord - with the profession of the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience - and a commitment to the mission and witness to be carried out in their everyday life environment. "The members of these institutes express and realize the personal consecration in the apostolic activity and as a leaven they strive to imbue every reality with an evangelical spirit, to consolidate and make the Body of Christ grow (c. 713 § 1).

They are governed by their own constitutions, which reflect their spirituality and are approved by the Church.