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Programmatic lines
Movimento Apostolico



"Go and make disciples,

baptizing and teaching (Mt 28, 19-20).

Let us rediscover the beauty of Baptism."

  (S.S. Benedict XVI)

We are in the year of the faith. The Holy Father Benedict XVI invites us to reflect on our baptism, which he defined as: "Reality and the path of our whole life."

"The Lord’s last words to his disciples on this earth were: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (cf. Mt 28:19). Being baptized means being united to God; in a unique, new existence we belong to God, we are immersed in God himself. The Sacrament of Baptism is not an act that lasts an hour. Rather it is a reality of our whole life, a journey of our whole life" ("Lectio Divina" the Holy Father Benedict XVI, the Basilica of St. John Lateran Monday, June 11, 2012).


In these Programmatic Lines this year of grace 2012-2013, it is right that we focus on the truth that the Holy Father announces us on Baptism so that it is truth, faith, reality and way of life of the Apostolic Movement.

Go, make disciples of all nations

It is a command, this, that might never be declared finished, exhausted. It is for every baptized person, every one of the Lord’s disciples. It is not to one or a few men. Instead, it is to all peoples. No man is alien to the Gospel. No man must be foreign to a disciple of Jesus. It is a mission that never ends, and always interpellates us. As long as there will be on our earth a single man who does not know the Gospel, it is the duty of the Christian to announce it to him.

Every man belongs to Christ, he is his by an eternal gift of the Father. To him he must be led, making him his disciple. This means for us: "Fill the House of the Father." Through our mission we must give Jesus what is his. Evangelization is not a pure human, friendly, fun, sports relationship. It is a true supernatural action. It is a gift of the hearts to Christ in his one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. One evangelizes to give souls to Lord Jesus.

Baptize them in the name of the Father

Baptism is immersion in the name of the Father. One is immersed in him to clothe himself with his holiness, will, justice, charity, love, desire of universal salvation, to receive his adoptive parenthood. He makes us truly his children. He is our true Father. Every baptized person is a true brother to every other baptized by birth from God. He is more brother that the same fraternity according to the flesh. In the Church there are no strangers, pilgrims, foreigners, unknown persons. She is a community of brothers loved by the Father, who pour over each other the love of God poured into them.

The Christian is the anti-selfish, anti-individualist, anti-schismatic, because he is the true brother of every other baptized. Every division, separation, splitting, removal, contempt of another baptized testifies that we denied the truth of our Baptism. It reveals our non true progeny. We have abandoned our true Father. We do not believe in Him. Our faith is only an abstract metaphysical truth. We make of Baptism just an event of worship, nothing more.

Baptized in the name of the Son

The Son is the grace and truth, crucified Love, divine Charity made human charity, the eternal life of the Father, the Bread of Life, the Blood of the new and eternal covenant, the Good Shepherd, the light, the resurrection, the Giver of the Holy Spirit, the Faithful witness, the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world.

Being baptized in the name of the Son means immersing yourself in this divine and human wealth, becoming for the whole world this wealth. Baptism makes us one body, one life, and one gift with Christ. What Christ is by nature and hypostatic union is also a Christian by immersion in Him. In Baptism, the Christian becomes a "redeemer", and a "saviour" of man. One who takes away the sin of the world, who fills the hearts of grace and truth. This mystery is great. Never will we understand it fully and perfectly. Through Baptism every Christian becomes Christ present in our history, theophany, a historical manifestation of the mystery.

Baptized in the name of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the eternal communion between the Father and the Son, a Communion of love and truth, holiness and righteousness. It is the Eternal love that from the Father flows wholly into the Son and from the Son returns all to the Father. It is the Paraclete, the Advocate, the Giver of all gifts, the Grantor of charismas and ministries, the Heavenly witness of Jesus, the One who brings about in history the Word of salvation. He is the truth of Christ in the world. He is the one who operates our daily spiritualization, from carnal, natural, animal being, and makes us become celestial beings.

Being baptized in the Holy Spirit means being transformed by Him in persons of true communion, unity, peace, reconciliation, forgiveness; being covered by Him with the spirit of the Beatitudes. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is very high: He must from the Christ in us, forming him according to the fullness of his grace and truth, so that man becomes a living Gospel for the world. This transformation and conformation is never perfect, there is always room for improvement. The baptized is an unfinished who in the Spirit proceeds towards his true fulfillment. The Holy Spirit is the dynamic of the truth and love of Jesus Christ; and who is in Him becomes dynamic for salvation as it was Lord Jesus. He becomes a gift of love for humanity, charity of God and eternal life for every man.

To be baptized means to be united with God

Baptism unites us to God, the Triune God. It is an ontological unity of nature, by transformation, elevation, participation, and divinization. It introduces us so powerfully in God, as to become one light, one truth, one grace, and one holiness with Him.

It is not a matter of accidental, but rather substantial union. God makes us partakers of his divine nature, and gives us his spiritual fatherhood. Jesus Christ constitutes a body of redemption and salvation. The Holy Spirit makes us the sacrament of unity and communion in him toward every other man. Sin obscures this unity. Virtue ennobles and exalts it. Vice makes it ineffective inasmuch as salvation is concerned. The holiness instead fills it with every fruit of redemption.

We belong to God in a single, new existence

This unique new existence is called the new creation. It is as if God "created" all of himself in us. In the first creation, the relationship between God and the creature was done by obedience, and listening. Now the relation of unity is by nature. God and man in Christ, in the Holy Spirit are one. It is no longer a spousal belonging as for the Old Testament. It is a belonging of being, of nature; we are of the same divine nature, since God has made us share in his nature, his life, his grace, his truth, and his whole mystery.

We are a special possession of God, not only because He ransomed, redeemed, justified, elevated, raised us to his own divine dignity. He has made ​​his property by immersion in him. As iron immersed in fire becomes fire, it is fire for it acquires the same properties. However, it becomes fire in the fire until it remains in it. So it is with the baptized. Immersed in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, acquires the same properties of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This means belonging and this means being the property of God. Essentially, substantially one is of God.

We are immersed in God himself

Being immersed in God, that is in his divine properties and relations, means entering in possession of the same qualities and divine properties. The first among all, the sharing of his spirituality. What by mystery happens in baptism must then be brought to perfection in life, through a constant immersion in the sacramental grace of Jesus Christ. Baptism lives of Eucharist, of the other sacraments, of prayer, charity, love, piety, mercy, and all other virtues.

Immersion in God must be carried out every day through immersion in his grace, truth, and Word. The mystery should be assumed all by the will of man; and every day it must be revived, renewed, perfected, and brought to completion. All other sacraments are the life of our Baptism. If we detach from them, baptismal life dies, it does not produce fruits, we always remain immersed in God, but as dry trees planted, immersed in the earth. However, they are deprived of the sap of life.

The Sacrament of Baptism is a reality in all our lives

As Apostolic Movement, it is right that we ask and question ourselves: how to do better and more in order to live the Sacrament of our Baptism, from which all our evangelizing influence toward the brothers who ceased to live this mystery or who are out of it depends?

There are community answers to be offered. The answer is personal, of the individual. It is the individual who has to ask himself, through a serious examination of conscience and a true comparison with his spiritual father, what the shortcomings of his soul are and what the defects and vices of his body that hinder that he can live fully the baptismal mystery.

The Apostolic Movement is called to live a supernatural mission. It cannot live it except through supernatural ways, which are his perpetual immersion in the truth, grace, and in the Word of Jesus Christ A conviction from the outset must be imprinted in our conscience: never might a supernatural mission be lived with only natural means. In order to convert the Apostolic Movement must be constantly immersed in the fire of the truth and grace of God. The temptation is strong. It wants to convince everybody that we can live our supernatural mission with only natural means. He is not true Apostolic Movement, because he is not a true Christian whoever does not overcome this temptation.

It is a journey of our whole life

Being immersed in God it is not a matter of a moment, an hour, a few days. You are immersed in order to stay eternally in Him. What was accomplished in Baptism must be assumed entirely by the will and brought to maturation. Baptism made ​​us be born in God, it immersed us in him. This new life received as a mustard seed must grow, develop and mature up to perfection.

This means that every day the baptized must aliment the grace of Baptism with the grace coming from the other sacraments. Penance and the Eucharist must be for him the source, the divine pool to sink in with assiduousness. The Sacraments of Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy Orders, and Anointing of the Sick must also be rediscovered and lived. Every sacrament confers a special grace the grace of Baptism is in need of in order to develop to its fullness. If this grace is neglected, one approaches it superficially, with distraction, inattention, little love, lack of faith, the grace of Baptism is not vivified and our soul heads towards paths of spiritual death.

Let us rediscover the beauty of Baptism

The Holy Father invites us to rediscover the beauty of Baptism. This call is addressed first of all to the ministers of the Word and worship. It is they who must enlighten the mind and warm the hearts of those who are already baptized so that they live the mystery that has taken place in them. It is also up to catechists, parents, and those who are responsible members of the Christian community.

The invitation of the Holy Father is also addressed at the Apostolic Movement. We are asked to become aware of this most high mystery, if we want to carry out according to truth the mission of remembrance and proclamation of the Word of Jesus.

In fact, what does being missionaries of the Word mean, if not to show the beauty of the supernatural life that was given us as a gift? If we do not disclose this beauty that shines from our body, in the same way that only contact with God had made ​​ the face of Moses bright, our mission will not produce fruit. The world does not see the difference between its body and ours. The mission is difference of life, before than one of cult or word.

Every member of the Apostolic Movement is called to rediscover and show the beauty of Baptism. This beauty is what will make us credible before a brother whom we give the Word of life that has become life in us.

A look at the past

Our journey of Apostolic Movement finishes the next 3 November 2012 its thirty-third year. We lit the past with the Word of God. We need to illuminate the present with greater spiritual light intensity. The past tells us that we can do it.


-        Till now six Ecclesial Convention of the Apostolic Movement have been celebrated: The first: "Proclaiming the Gospel of Hope. Sources, reasons and subjects of the Church's mission in front of current challenges", held on 10 - 11 - 12 May 2006, with the presence of the Archbishops H. E. Msgr. Antonio Ciliberti; H. E. Msgr. Vittorio Mondello and concluded by H. Em.ce Cardinal Angelo Scola, Patriarch of Venice.

-        The second: "If one is in Christ he is a new creation (2 Cor 5:17)", held in Catanzaro on days 13 to 14 March 2007, with the presence of H. E. Msgr. Ciliberti, H. E. Msgr. Santo Marciano and concluded by H. Em.ce Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bologna.

-      The third: "In hope we were saved" (Benedict XVI, Spe Salvi, 1), in the Politeama Theatre, 25.26.27 September 2008, with the presence of the Archbishops HE Msgr. Antonio Ciliberti and His Excellency Msgr. Salvatore Nunnari; and concluded by His Most Rev. Excellency Msgr. Mauro Piacenza, Secretary of the Congregation for the Clergy.

-        The fourth: "The evangelizing mission of the Apostolic Movement and the New Evangelization", held in Rome, December 2, 2009 at the Auditorium Conciliazione, with the speech of HE Mgsr. Joseph Marciante, auxiliary bishop of Rome, and the conclusions of HE Msgr. Antonio Ciliberti.

-        The fifth: "Youth: in charity and truth", held November 24, 2010 at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome; it welcomed the speeches of HE Msgr. Mario Toso, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and the concluding remarks of H. E. Msgr. Antonio Cilberti, Metropolitan Archbishop of Catanzaro-Squillace. Participants were greeted in the morning by the Holy Father Benedict XVI at the end of the General Audience: "I ​​extend a cordial welcome to the Italian-speaking pilgrims. In particular, I greet the participants at the convention promoted by the Apostolic Movement and urge them to continue on the path of personal holiness, the starting point of all evangelization ".

-      The sixth, "The laity and the New Evangelization", was held February 28, 2012 at the indoor stadium Giovino of Catanzaro, with the Speeches of Msgr. Miguel Delgado, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, and HE Msgr. Vincenzo Bertolone, Metropolitan Archbishop of Catanzaro-Squillace.

-      To the six national conventions, three more conventions of the Apostolic Movement for the area of ​​Northern Italy and Switzerland; must be added. The first was held on 1 and 2 May 2010 in Corsico (MI), on the theme: The Word of God: Heart of the New Evangelization. "Were not perhaps our hearts burning within?". The event, organized by Father Carlo Pirotta, Ecclesiastical Assistant of the A. M. in the Diocese of Milan, brought together all the responsible members and adherents of the Northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany AM. Along with the speakers (Father Gesualdo De Luca, President Cettina Marraffa, and video conferencing, the central assistant Msgr. Costantino Di Bruno); Msgr. Mario Delpini, Auxiliary Bishop of Milan intervened in the work. The leaders of the seats of the North and abroad have reported on their work in their areas. The next day, in the cathedral of Milan, the conference attendees participated in the Holy Mass presided by Msgr. Manganini Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation and animated by the Choir "Mater Redemptionis."

-        On April 30, 2011 an international convention of the Apostolic Movement was held in Schaffhausen (CH) on the theme: Church and lay groups after Vatican II. The speeches were held by: Msgr. Josef Rosenast, Vicar General of the Diocese of Sankt Gallen, and Father Gesualdo De Luca, regional assistant of the Apostolic Movement for Calabria. Moreover, the speech sent by President Cettina Marraffa was also read.

-      June 2, 2012, on the occasion of the VII World Meeting of Families, the Apostolic Movement has brought its contribution of reflection with a convention on the theme Family in movement: A resource for the ecclesial life, held at the Villa Sacred Heart of Triuggio (MB ). The convention began with a welcome address by the President and the Church authorities, continued with the speech of Father Gesualdo De Luca and some testimonies of families belonging to the AM. It was concluded with a net-meeting of Msgr. Costantino Di Bruno who has thus interacted with the audience.

-       In the Secular Institute "Mary, Mother of the Redemption," December 20, 2007, the first five Consecrated Lay Women of temporary profession, including the Inspirer - Founder of the Apostolic Movement, Mrs. Maria Marino, issued in the hands of H. Most Rev. E. Msgr. Antonio Ciliberti, Metropolitan Archbishop of Catanzaro - Squillace, the perpetual vows; in the same, day 11 Novices issued their temporary vows.

-      On January 6, 2011, Msgr. Antonio Ciliberti, during a solemn Co-celebration in the Mary Mother of the Church Parish in S. Ianni, has accepted the perpetual vows of 10 Lay Consecrated Women of the Secular Institute "Mary, Mother of the Redemption" and the temporary profession of six other novices.

-        Our Website:, has been enriched. "The Gospel of the Day", a theological commentary on the Gospel of the daily H. Mass is also widespread on the Facebook page of the Apostolic Movement in a text and audio format. Moreover the section: "Subsidies to training", already completed with the comments of all the New Testament books, was further enriched with the comments on the books of the Pentateuch, Joshua, Judges and Ruth. Facebook and Twitter pages have been opened in English and French.

-        The Centre of Studies Verbum edited the presentation of the books of Fathers Mimmo Concolino, Francesco Brancaccio, Michele Fontana, Alessandro Carioti (cf. After the volumes published by Fathers Gesualdo De Luca and Giuseppe Deodato, were also published other works by members of the Centre for Studies Verbum: Peace: God's gift and commitment of man, by professor. Alessandro Carioti, 7th volume of the theological series "Verbum"; Prophecy of communion, by prof. Michele Fontana; Identity and spirituality of priests, by Fr Vincenzo Moniaci; A Pontiff’s pastoral legacy in Calabria, by Father Givanni Scarpino; Dialogue between Catechesis and Liturgy in the itinerary of Christian Initiation, of prof. Flavio Placida. In addition, the series "Various Verbum" has been enriched with the volume The Christian entrepreneur, by doctor Antonio Rotundo. Moreover, the theologians of the Centre of Studies Verbum wanted to contribute to the Church's reflection promoted by HH Benedict XVI in the Year for Priests with a collective work entitled "Priests in the Church. Ten reflections on identity and the priestly ministry," with a preface by HE Msgr. Ciliberti and a presentation of prof. Manlio Sodi, president of the Pontifical Academy of Theology. Besides the series, among other publications of the theologians of CSV, we remind: "At the School of Risen Christ" by prof. Alessandro Carioti, "The total Christ," by the priest Giuseppe Carrabetta, welcomed into the Small Augustinian library of the New Town Publishing House; "The image of God. St. Paul to the Christians in Rome," the work of the priest. Edoardo M. Palma for the series Studies and Research of the Citadel Publishing House. N. De Luca: The true happiness. Seneca and Augustine masters of today to a new human and Christian anthropological model (Verbum 8), 2010; The resurrected Jesus. St. Thomas Aquinas, theologian of the resurrection, Citadel, Assisi 2012.

-        After having successfully proposed five edition of the project "Verbum and Civitas," offering a series of seminars on faith in institutional environments of the city, the Centre for Studies Verbum achieved in 2010/2011 the project Universus, a series of interdisciplinary conferences around the concept of "person". With this initiative, the CSV will act as the mediator of an updated and constructive dialogue between theology and the various expressions of human knowledge, with the dual aim of contributing to an elevated training offer for university students and young scholars, and to intercept the wide-spectrum of interests of today's cultural landscape. The project aims to present before the universe of contemporary human Sofia, a theology that has "the courage to engage the whole breadth of reason," according to the wishes of Pope Benedict XVI. Prestigious experts from various fields of knowledge took part in it, who interacted with the theologians of the Center of Studies Verbum. With the collaboration of the Catanzaro-Squillace Archdiocese and its cultural project, the course has enjoyed the patronage of the Province of Catanzaro and the Magna Græcia University, which recognized credits to their students. The course was inaugurated by His Excellency Msgr. Antonio Ciliberti, while, a few days after his inauguration, the new archbishop HE Msgr. Vincenzo Bertolone presided over the concluding session. The meetings, hosted by the room "House of Culture" in the province of Catanzaro, were also always transmitted live on the web. The appearance in the library of the volume of the full proceedings is a news of these days.

-       Following by now, a decade-long tradition, both the Christmas Concert, and the musical "And let there be light...", "Under your shadow a song" and "Meditating the Passion", with more replicas, of the President of the Apostolic Movement Mrs. Concetta Marraffa; have had great success in recent years. In many parish and diocesan seats the "Musical" aroused astonishment, admiration, and openness of heart and mind to the Gospel of Salvation.

-      On 28 March 2009, at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome, 150 young people of the Apostolic Movement, staged the musical "Meditating the Passion." Three thousand people attended the two successive performances. The work, conceived, written and set to music by President Concetta Marraffa, was proposed by the Apostolic Movement in collaboration with the Office of University Pastoral of the Vicariate of Rome, as a preparation for the XXIV World Youth Day.

-      Sunday, March 29, 2009, all players in the Musical along with several hundred other pilgrims from various national and foreign seats of the Apostolic Movement, participated in the H. Mass at the "Holy Spirit in Sassia" Church, presided over by the Archbishop of Catanzaro-Squillace HE Msgr. Antonio Ciliberti and animated by the choir "Mater Redemptionis." All together they then went to S. Peter Square, where the Holy Father Benedict XVI, at the end of the Angelus, greeted the Apostolic Movement in these words: "Lastly, I greet the Italian-speaking pilgrims, especially the members of the Apostolic Movement, with the Archbishop of Catanzaro-Squillace Monsignor Antonio Ciliberti. "

-      The Musical "Meditating the Passion" was staged by the young people of the Apostolic Movement also in Lourdes, September 29, 2010, at the Basilica of St. Bernadette, during the Italian national pilgrimage organized by UNITALSI.

-       In August 2011, a large delegation of young people of the Apostolic Movement participated in Madrid at the XXVI World Youth Day. In a theater of the city center, they staged in four distinct representations the musical "Under your shadow a song," of Cettina Marraffa, inserted by the Organizing Committee in the official WYD Cultural Program.

-      A new musical conceived by President Cettina Marraffa and dedicated to the biblical character Esther is now being prepared. The cast will be involved in its setting during the entire pastoral year 2012-2013. Throughout the summer of 2012, the president has held weekly training meetings with the many young people involved (over 150), aimed at deepening and the actualization of the biblical and spiritual themes related to the sacred play.

-      A systematic program of youth training, structured in monthly meetings on issues related to the relationship between young people and faith, which began in October 2010, is now in its third annual cycle. The program, designed by the President Cettina Marraffa in response to needs expressed by young people themselves, is taken care of by the central assistant in collaboration with other priests. The program continued with regularity, and it was also spread via the web. Appointments in preparation for World Youth Day were also included.

-       A delegation of the Apostolic Movement participated in the National Eucharistic Congress in Ancona (September 2011). Some have given their availability as volunteers. An info-point was also set up in a special booth in the congress area.

-      An information stand of the Apostolic Movement was set up at the International Fair of the family, from May 29 to June 2. Several members of the Apostolic Movement have entered into voluntary short-term and long-term work. All members of the Apostolic Movement of Milan and a large delegation from the Central Seat and several other dioceses participated in the meetings with the Holy Father: Saturday, June 2 at the prayer during the "Feast of witnesses" and Sunday, June 3 in the Eucharistic celebration.

-       In the Apostolic Movement, vocations that enrich the Church keep on maturing: in 2009 four new priests and 7 deacons in view of the priesthood were ordained; and in 2010 seven other priests: two deacons in view of the priesthood and seven permanent deacons; and in 2011 two priests and three more in the course of the year 2012; have been ordained.

-      In recent years, the Mission of the Apostolic Movement has experienced a big flourishing both in Italy and abroad.

-      On 17 May 2007 the Secretary-General of the Congo Episcopal Conference, Msgr. Alphonse Taty-Mboumba, paid a visit; he gave our President the declaration with which the President of the Conference himself, HE Msgr. Louis Portella-Mbuy; encourages formal recognition of the Apostolic Movement in all the Congo dioceses, as it had already been done by the Bishop of Nkayi HE Msgr. Daniel Mizonzo.

-        On October 21, 2007 His Excellency Msgr. Louis Portella-Mbuyu (President of the Congo Episcopal Conference); and HE Msgr. Daniel Mizonzo (Bishop of Nkayi), Msgr. Alphonse Taty-Mboumba (Secretary of the Episcopal Conference) came to our Central Seat.

-      On 25 January 2008 HE Cardinal Christian Wiyghan Tumi, Archbishop of Douala (Cameroon) came for a meeting; he gave our President the decree of recognition ad experimentum of the Apostolic Movement in Cameroon, signed by the President of the Episcopal Conference H. E. Msgr. Victor Tonye Bakot.

-      I The meetings took place in the Santo Janni Parish Church and had the most solemn moment in the celebration of the Eucharist.

-       On 25 August 2008 the Ambassador of Ecuador to the Holy See, Fausto Cordovez Chiriboga participated in the celebration of the Eucharist at St. Ianni.

-      On 10 November 2008, the Ambassador of Cameroon to the Holy See, H.E. Antoine Zanga, came to the S. Ianni Church, along with his collaborators, in order to personally get to know the reality of the Apostolic Movement, present in his Country with the approval of the National Episcopal Conference. The Apostolic Movement gave him the result of a collection of the adhering members to the benefit of needy children in Cameroon.

-        On 18 May 2009, His Excellency Msgr. Paul Maipan, Bishop of Khammam (India), came to meet the Apostolic Movement, accompanied by a priest of his diocese; he presided over the Eucharistic celebration in the St. Ianni parish church.

-      On June 4, 2010 in the S. Ianni Church, came to visit us, His Excellency Msgr. Rosario Vella, Bishop of Ambanja (Madagascar). On July 5, it was the turn of His Excellency Msgr. Samuel Kleda, Archbishop of Douala (Cameroon). Both have come to know directly the Apostolic Movement, already present in their respective dioceses.

-      On March 14, 2011 in the S. Ianni Church, H. E. Msgr. Daniel Mizonzo, Bishop of Nkay in the Congo Republic, presided over the Eucharistic celebration.

-       Between 2008 and 2012 the presence of the Apostolic Movement outside Italy consolidated and extended further: some priests and lay people have visited Cameroon, Congo Brazzaville (where the number of dioceses in which the Apostolic Movement operates, increased) , India and Madagascar (where the movement was welcomed by the bishop and established in the diocese of Ambanja). The Cameroon Episcopal Conference also issued the final decree of national recognition of the Apostolic Movement. Moreover, the Movement was established in Austria and the Ivory Coast and its work is also required in other countries where it is in the making.

On the way to the future

The future for us is that daily present to be illuminated with the Word of Jesus Christ: The secret of the success of our mission is the one of forming a communion of all the lights, all the responsibilities, all the charismas and all the ministries. Every member of the Apostolic Movement must be a wise virgin who goes to meet the world to be brought to Christ with the lamp lit. Not alone, but forming a strong communion among all the lights, so that it is not mine, yours, his light the one to be seen, but only one: the light of the Apostolic Movement. It is then that the message of prophecy of the Gospel will be carried out for us. "You are the light of the world."

Today there is much talk of shared responsibility. Everyone is operating subject of salvation through the sacramental grace and a special gift of the Holy Spirit. However, there is no shared responsibility except in the communion of every individual with all other subjects that form one body in Christ Jesus. In the body of Christ communion is also hierarchical and obedience to truth and grace, which is bestowed via a particular channel which is the ordained priesthood.

The Apostolic Movement since its inception has always professed this truth on the co-responsibility, seeing in the layman not a servant of the priest, but a servant of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit; a servant with, for, from the other servants. We are from the charisma of each other. All servants of one God to do his will.

Greetings and thanks

I greet and thank for the bestowed and testified commitment: the Inspirer - Founder of the Apostolic Movement, Mrs. Maria Marino; President Mrs. Concetta Marraffa, the Central Secretary, the Diocesan and Parish Secretaries, Diocesan and Parish Responsible Members, the Members, and the Candidates. May the Lord bless your tireless work and make it fruitful of salvation.

To Deacons, Priests, Ecclesiastical Advisers who with much dedication and zeal accompany the spiritual journey of the Apostolic Movement, without subtracting anything from their daily pastoral occupations, in being thankful and grateful for the weight of love they daily carry; I ask them to spend their energy even more for so great a work. May it apply to them what Paul of Tarsus said of himself: "Ego autem libentissime inpendam et superinpendar ipse pro animabus vestris" - "I will most gladly spend and be utterly spent for your sakes" (2 Cor 12:15).

The Consecrated Lay Women of "Mary, Mother of the Redemption" are a fruit ripened in the garden of the Apostolic Movement. I thank them for their prayers that every day they raise to the Lord for the conversion of hearts and for the sanctification of souls. From their holiness is the greater spiritual fruitfulness of the whole Movement.

Our thanks, our gratitude, and our prayers go to the Most Reverend Bishops in whose Dioceses the Apostolic Movement lives and works. May the Lord grant them and every other Successor of the Apostles, grace upon grace.

To the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, we promise sincere and devoted obedience, full cooperation for the evangelizing mission of the Church. May the Lord fulfil the desires of his heart.

May the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Redemption, take us all by our hand and teach us how to obey Christ today and always.

May this year of grace 2012 - 2013 be for the Apostolic Movement a year of more intense light in the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church and the world.

Catanzaro, 1 October 2012

The Central Ecclesiastical Assistant of the Apostolic Movement

Msgr. Costantino Di Bruno