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Movimento Apostolico
The Secular Institute "Mary Redemption Mother"
Movimento Apostolico

In the Apostolic Movement was founded
The Secular Institute “Mary Redemption Mother”












CATANZARO -  A new page of history for the Apostolic Movement, that February 26, in the parish church “Mary Redemption Mother” in S. Janni in Catanzaro, with a solemn Eucharistic co-celebration officiated by H.E. Monsignor Antonio Ciliberti, Metropolitan Archbishop of Catanzaro, made public the opening of the Secular Institute “Mary Redemption Mother”, constituted and erected at diocesan level.
Present also the Most excellent Monsignor Antonion Cantisani, emeritus Bishop of Catanzaro-Squillace, and Monsignor Vincenzo Rimedio, emeritus Bishop of Lamezia, priests, male and female religious persons, the choral “Mater Redemptionis” directed by Father Biagio Maimone, responsible of the diocesan service of sacred music; and numerous believers arrived from different diocesan realities where the Apostolic Movement operates. A consistent deputation came also from Trapani, native city of Mrs. Maria Marino.
Five are the members of the Secular Institute “Mary Rdemption Mother”: the founder and inspirer, Maria Marino, Anna Consoli, Francesca Mazza, Paola Scutifero, Graziella Marcellino
During the homily, Monsignor Archbishop in greeting the founder and inspirer, the Bishops, the central ecclesiastic Assistant of the Apostolic Movement, the theologian Monsignor Costantino Di Bruno, the numerous Presbyterians “visible sign of God’s love towards his Church”, and all the present; he called back to mind the figure of H.E. Monsignor Armando Fares, who as a Bishop of Catanzaro, together with the auxiliary Bishop H.E. Monsignor Serafino Sprovieri, in 1979, diligent to the action of God’s Spirit, recognized the Apostolic Movement as a gift of the Holy Spirit.
“Every person – Monsignor Ciliberti said –, in the specificity of his vocation, is called to bring to fulfilment a particular mission in history. A mission which must never be concretised by other persons. Therefore, something which solicits every one to rediscover the self role and responsibly operate inside humanity. And in the name of the ecclesial community – the Archbishop confirmed with firmness – I can express in the certainty that this particular consecration answers the call with which God spoke to our sisters”.
“The world and the Church – Monsignor Ciliberti went on – cannot do without your presence, because such a consecration characterises the irreplaceable aspect of the Church’s pastoral action. A consecration that answers to the ineffable project of God, that calls you to be united to his love of a Father, by letting you become a part in the profundity of his mystery”.
Consequently, the votes of poverty, chastity and obedience, the sacramental Eucharist, the listening of the Word, the assiduous prayer and the exercise of charity will aliment the mission of these consecrated sisters, called to be a visible sign of God’s love among men in the world.
A wish that Monsignor also addressed, exhorting the candidates to correspond to God’s spousal love, by becoming in front of men the “living letter of Christ”.
“Only this way – Monsignor Ciliberti concluded – you might build a better Church and a more righteous and truer world, according to God’s plan and the expectations and hopes of humanity”..